How to distinguish the quality of silicone products?

Silicone products have been in our lives for many years, and now they are a very common item in our lives. We all know that silicone products can be used in many fields, such as aviation, industry, medical care, life, gifts, etc. There will be silicone items.  Abrasion resistance is possessed by the production and molding of silicone products. The surface of silicone products can suffer loss. Generally, the surface of silicone products rarely rubs off the surface of the product due to external factors, and does not affect the appearance, text, and color of the performance. The characters on the surface of low-quality silicone products are easy to fall off.Elasticity: Silicone products have good elasticity, because the high elasticity mainly comes from the movement of the silicone molecular chain, so when buying silicone products, first look at the elasticity of the silicone products to judge the quality.Fatigue resistance: When silicone products are subjected to alternating stress (or strain), the structure and performance of the material change is called fatigue. As the fatigue process progresses, the phenomenon that causes the destruction of silicone products is called fatigue failure. Therefore, fatigue resistance is also a way to distinguish the quality of silicone products.Tear strength and tensile strength: Silicone products with high tear strength have outstanding resistance to damage, have a long life, and are not easy to be interfered by the external environment. Silicone products with poor tear strength are generally prone to cracks during the tearing process, thereby being stressed. The phenomenon of rapid expansion of cracking and destruction.Hardness and constant elongation stress: Hardness and constant elongation stress reflect important indicators of the rigidity (rigidity) of silicone materials, and both are the forces required for a certain deformation of silicone products. It is also a way to distinguish the quality of silicone products.The quality of silicone products can also be distinguished from the smell. High-quality silicone products have no taste; the other is the feel. High-quality silicone products look smooth on the surface, while inferior products have a rough feel.

How can you guarantee the product quality?

How can you guarantee the product quality? LEWIN can provide free samples before normal order. We start to arrange mass prodution before samples approved only.

What are the big problems that small silicone accessories can easily cause!

What are the big problems that small silicone accessories can easily cause!In our daily life, kitchen supplies are necessary auxiliary tools. If we inadvertently neglect some small problems, there may be great safety hazards. If some tools are ignored, there will be very big safety problems, such as in our lives. In, gas leaks, sealing problems of pressure cookers, etc. Today, I will talk about the sealing problems of pressure cookers.In daily life, we do not pay attention to some details when using the pressure cooker, especially the small ones that are difficult to detect. The very silicone accessories are mainly used to prevent the pressure cooker from deflating, and then can play an anti-explosion effect under high pressure, on the pressure cooker. With good performance, the pressure cooker sealing ring can withstand high pressure in the pressure range of 180 kPa to 280 kPa. Its material is mainly made of non-toxic, odorless, and good-performance silicone products. Now some silicone product factories can basically Processing and production, but on the pressure cooker, once there is a problem with the sealing ring, the consequences are unimaginable, so in the use of the sealing ring, try to use high-quality silicone products.Sealing rings currently have silicone and rubber on the market. Sealing rings made of silicone are mainly used in places where we often contact and are not harmful to the human body. Sealing rings made of rubber are mainly used in some industrial and agricultural industries. At present, the silicone products on the market have basically replaced a lot of rubber products. The sealing ring on the pressure cooker is inlaid on the pressure cooker cover to seal and resist pressure. The common aluminum inner cover is directly covered with a sealing ring. There is also a traveler with the sealing ring inlaid on it, but for the pressure cooker, the quality of the sealing ring is the most important, which often affects our life safety issues, so please pay more attention to the pressure cooker next time you use it. The details of the sealing ring!

Can you offer ODM/OEM service?

Can you offer ODM/OEM service?Yes, highly welcome customized silicone produces, if convenient, you can offer us your 3D drawing in STP format for checking. We will design the custom silicone produces based on your requirements or your specific application needs.

How could I pay them?

How could I pay them?Dear, we accept western union, money gram ,TT and paypal. If you pay via western union or money gram, pls kindly check send us the MTCN.We also need your receiver name, address, phone number, zip code, email, so that we can delivery our hair for you at first time when we receive your full payment.

What are the uses of popular science silicone products?

Silicone products are processed products using silica gel as the main raw material.Silicone material can be divided into general grade, food grade, medical grade, and special silicone. Food-grade silica gel is non-toxic, tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvents, and is a highly active green product.Organic silica gel is mainly used in aviation, cutting-edge technology, military technology departments, special materials and construction, electronic and electrical, automobiles, machinery, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, etc.; inorganic silica gel is mainly used in desiccants, catalyst carriers, matting agents, toothpaste Abrasives, etc.The toughness and elasticity of silicone products are very good, will not be deformed by external forces, and are non-toxic, odorless, colorless, and harmless to the human body.Simply analyze what are the uses of silica gel products:1. Used for baby products, maternal and infant products, baby bottles, and bottle protective covers;2. Used in the production of kitchen products, kitchenware and related auxiliary kitchenware;3. Used in beauty accessories, daily necessities, such as silicone watchbands, silicone brackets, silicone bracelets, etc.;4. Used for conductive silica gel, medical silica gel, foam silica gel, molding silica gel, etc.;5. Used for silicone pads, silicone plugs, and seals;6. Used for copiers, keyboards, electronic dictionaries, remote controls, toys, silicone keys;7. Packaging materials for gaskets, electronic accessories, and automotive electronic accessories.8. Special materials and construction used in aviation, cutting-edge technology and military technology departments.the main series of silicone products are as follows:1) Mother and baby series: including silicone spoons, silicone bowls, silicone dinner plates, silicone teethers, silicone pacifiers, silicone food supplement bottles, silicone bibs, etc.2) Outdoor sports series: including folding water cups, retractable water bottles, sports bracelets, sports watches, silicone shoe covers, etc.3) Beauty series: Including facial cleansing brush, facial cleansing instrument, cosmetic brush cleaning pad, nail pad, cosmetic mirror, silicone powder puff, etc.4) Kitchen series: including cutting boards, cleaning gloves, heat insulation pads, non-slip mats, coasters, drain racks, vegetable washing baskets, dishwashing brushes, spatulas, spatulas, silicone fresh-keeping lids, cake molds, cake cups, boiled eggs Ware, silicone seasoning bowl, etc.5) Daily household series: including night light, tea maker, ice tray, ashtray, wine bottle stopper, acupuncture point shot, bath brush, silicone brush, silicone keychain, placemat, etc.

Before shipment, how to make sure the products quality?

Before shipment, how to make sure the products quality?We are specialized in high quality products. We have QC to inspect the products before each shipment. You can come to visit our factory or ask a third party for inspection. Or we can send you videos to show the production process.

I have no 3D drawing, how should I start the new project?

I have no 3D drawing, how should I start the new project?You can provide us a sample,  we will help finish the 3D drawing design.

How long is the lead time for mold?

How long is the lead time for mold?It depends on the mold’s size and complexity. Normally, the lead time is 10~15 days. If the molds are very simple and not in big size, we can work out with 7 days

When can I get the price?

When can I get the price?We usually quote within 24 hours after we  get your inquiry. If it is very urgent, please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry as priority

Can I mix models&colors ?

Can I mix models&colors ?Yes,sure, mixed orders or colors are acceptable. You can leave us a message about what models&colors you may need. But if you would like to take different models,please kindly send us an email.

What are Silicone Extrusions?

What are Silicone Extrusions?Silicone extrusion is the process in which silicone is forced through a shaped die in to produce a continuous formed length of material with complex profiles and cross-sections. As a synthetic rubber, the elastic properties of silicone make it an ideal material for use in the extrusion process.

What is your standard packing?

What is your standard packing?All the goods will be packed by PE bag and then put into carton box .If bulk container shipment, will be packed with pallets.

Can I get discounts?

Can I get discounts?Yes, for big order, old customer and frequent customers, we give reasonable discounts.